Ultra-Blend® Plus Liner Ultradent

Ultra-Blend® Plus Liner Ultradent

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Ultra-Blend plus is a light-activated, radiopaque material with calcium hydroxide in a urethane dimethacrylate base. Compared to other liners, Ultra-Blend plus is highly filled for minimal shrinkage and superior calcium release.1 It has been proven the best light-cured material for pulp capping.2

  • Bioactive liner and pulp-capping material
  • Superior calcium release1
  • Controlled, precise syringe delivery
  • No mixing necessary
  • Will not dissolve over time
  • Light cured when clinician is ready
  • Radiopaque
  • Highly filled

Pulp Capping Procedure

  1. ​Use Ultra-Blend plus near pulp (pink) and for small nonhyperemic exposure. If larger exposure and/or hyperemic pulp, initiate endodontic therapy.

  2. ​Apply Consepsis® antibacterial solution with plastic Blue Mini® Dento-Infusor® tip for 60 seconds with gentle scrubbing action. Gently air dry (dont’ rinse).

  3. ​With Black Micro® tip, apply Ultra-Blend plus to dry dentin at exposure border (or over thin pink dentin); cover exposure and light cure. Minimize dentin coverage to maximize available dentin for bonding.

  4. ​Etch and bond using Peak® Universal Bond bonding instructions and restore with composite.

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