Tubli-Seal™ SybronEndo

Tubli-Seal™ SybronEndo

Rp 428.000 Rp 342.000


Zinc Oxide Eugenol Root Canal Sealer

The canal sealant you love in the delivery system you’ve been waiting for.  Tubli-Seal now boasts a new delivery method to help simplify setup, delivery and cleanup – automixing syringes. These syringes offer easy mixing at your fingertips in a perfect 1:1 ratio without worry and without manual mixing. This innovative automixing sealer adds efficiency, convenience and simplicity to a line of canal sealants that is aready steadfast and dependable.

Tubli-Seal is a paste/paste zinc oxide eugenol root canal sealant. Tubli-Seal is a light in color, non-darkening, radiopaque sealer.

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