Translight LED Diagnostic Halodent

Translight LED Diagnostic Halodent

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Size : 15 * 130* 7 mm

Weight : 0.046g

Probe Tip : 3 mm

Probe Diameter : Daylight (5400K)

Battery : AAA Battery (1EA) , about 10 hours operations

Output : 90 mw / cm2 @ 5600K

Material : Body (Metal) , Regular Tip (Quartz Glass)

Voltage : DC 1.5 A

Product Descriptions

♦  Innovation of oral examination, oral examination is surely by trans light!

♦ It is difficult to make an accurate oral examination only by visual inspection.

♦ Adjacent faces easily missed by specialists

High-power LED for diagnostics to easily identify cavity, tooth crack, micro cavities and internal abnormalities of teeth

♦ Examiner. The oral examiner with LED can be used to accurately and effectively examine the oral exam.


High Power LED


Translight is a high-power LED that allows the enamel layer of teeth to penetrate and be easily visualized


It is also possible to see at a glance the difficult adjacent cavities, cavity progression, cracked periodontal status, and the inside of the root canal.


Semi-permanent LED circuit is used for a long time, there is no problem with the product, the internal high-power circuit


It can generate enough power even with regular battery.

LED Natural Light Source


– LED is a natural light source, so it is not harmful to eyes.


 You can. Translight increases LED strength in its own circuit and also quartz LED probe


 To increase the strength of the LED once more, making a power output LED that can penetrate the teeth.


Additional information


Translight Only, Translight w/ Metal Tip and Endo Perio Fiber Tip

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