Rubber Dam Kit Cerkamed

Rubber Dam Kit Cerkamed

Rp 7.500.000





  • rubber dam punch
  • clamps forceps
  • rubber dam frames
  • the set of clamps (also available in satin version)
  • Rubber dam punch with the function of adjusting the hole diameter

  • Rubber dam forceps for clamps placement with the opening degree resistance

  • Profiled rubber dam frames available in 3 sizes

  • The set of high elasticity clamps with shape memory:

1. Flat jaws clamp for small lower molars  (No. 3)
2. Festooned jaws clamp for large upper molars. Jaws fit the gum curvature (No. 5)
3. Festooned jaws clamp for molars™ roots (No. W8A)
4. Serrated jaws clamp for lower right molars (No. 12A)
5. Serrated jaws clamp for lower left molars (No. 13A)
6. One small and one large jaw clamp for anteriors (No. 210)
7. Flat jaws clamp for anteriors (No. 212)
8. Rounded jaws clamp for premolars (No. 27)
9. Rounded and flat jaws clamp for premolars (No. 29)
10. Small jaws and high bow clamp for anteriors and small premolars (No. 00)

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