Orange Oil Guttap Solvent Maquira

Orange Oil Guttap Solvent Maquira

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Orange Oil 10ml

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MAQUIRA Orange Oil é is an essential oil extracted the bark of sweet orange which is volatile and with pleasant odor. It has the ability to dissolve gutta-percha, zinc oxide cement and eugenol, with or without association. It is biocompatible, does not have rious effects on health, it is slightly soluble in water, but easily removed inside of the channel by surfactant substances.
BEST to dissolve the gutta-percha;
– Completely insoluble in water;
– Has anti-bacterial activity;
– Pleasant orange aroma;
– Quicker action;
– Dissolve Zinc Oxide and Eugenol cement.
In the case of the product enter into contact with the oral mucosa what should be done?
In case of contact with the oral mucosa, a mild irritation may occur on the site. Remove with cotton and wash with water.
  1. Start the process of restoration removal using the mechanical method.
  2. Apply 1-2 drops of Orange Oil on the root canal and allow it to act during 5-10 minutes.
  3. Introduce the tools to the apical foramen and remove all the filling material inside the canal.
  4. After complete removal, use a surfactant solution to promote effective cleaning.

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