Rp 260.000


Dichloromethane pure p.a.

The fastest dissolvent for root canal fillings.


Available package:

– bottle of 10 ml


Methylene chloride (dichloromethane)

Methylene chloride is used in endodontics as a very efficient dissolving agent of gutta-percha and endomethasone.


It’s much better than chloroform because of the following adventages:

-          it is less harmful

-          it has less penetrating odor

-          rinsing of gutta-percha oddments is easier

-          much easier to be removed from the root canal

-          less susceptibility to degradation by light


During methylene chloride application appropriate precautions should be taken.

Protect air passages, eyes and skin, do not swallow!


Handling the product Methylene Chloride:

picture 1               picture 2               picture 3

1. impregnate the cotton wool tampon with methylene chloride (pic.1)

2. impregnated cotton wool tampon insert directly into the cavity, this way preparation could flow into the root canal (pic.2)

3. remove the filling mechanically, if necessary use another dose of preparation (pic.3)

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