Hemopare Liquid Maquira

Hemopare Liquid Maquira

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Hemopare Clear 10ml

Penghenti perdarahan dan retraksi gingiva

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Hemopare helps gingival retraction and hemostasis, due to the presence of aluminium chloride, which causes a contraction of the superficial layer of the free gingiva by the precipitation of serum and tissue proteins. It is used in cavities for restorations and dental prosthesis. The conditioned tissues restore within 1 hour. Does not contains epinephrine.
– Solution: Bottles with 10 ml.
– The product aids in Hemostasis and Gingival Retraction;
– Aids in preparing cavities for restoratives and dental prosthesis;
– The conditioned tissue is re-established within 1 hour;
– COLORLESS liquid, providing better visibility for placement of application;
– It contains Aluminium Chloride.
  1. With the aid of a cotton swab dipped in the solution compress the place to be conditioned until it stops the bleeding.
  2. For cervical matrix application, use Hemopare solution/gel in the cervical area before its placement, preventing contamination. Let the product act for 5 minutes and rinse it with water/air jet.

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