EDTA Cair 17% Maquira

EDTA Cair 17% Maquira

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E.D.T.A. Solution 20ml

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EDTA is generally accepted as the most effective chelating agent. When it is placed inside the pulp cavity, it acts on the dentinal walls, demineralizing them and making them less resistant to the action of endodontic instruments, which facilitates the preparation of the canal. It also removes effectively the smear layer, increasing the dentin permeability.
– Most effective chelating agent;
– Widens radicular canals;
– Removes the smear layer:
– Prepares the dentin wall for adhesion od fillinf materials;
– Facilitates to input endodontic files intrumentation.
What does the E.D.T.A. Solution dental procedures?
The E.D.T.A. has the function of broaden root canals remove remove mud dental and preparing the dental wall for the accession of obturation materials.
For an effective removal of organic and inorganic components of the smear layer, the canal must be irrigated with 10 ml of 17% TRISODIUM EDTA, followed by irrigation with 10ml of sodium hypochlorite.

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