Diamond Universal Polisher Maquira

Diamond Universal Polisher Maquira

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Diamond Universal Polish 2gr/syr

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It is a universal polishing paste produced using micronized diamond with an extra fine granulation for dental or prosthodontist use only. The product offers excellent results in polishing and shining porcelain, dental enamel, resins, composites and other restoring materials. As it is soluble in water, it helps with the lubrication during the polishing and facilitates removal at the end of the treatment. It is a uniform, high hardness, good resistance product and its medium viscosity is not affected by heat.
– Suitable for finishing and polishing in surfaces of restoring materials in general;
– Excellent polishing and shine in: Porcelain / Dental enamel / Resins / Composites;
– Has good affinity with water, which allows for easy removal after conditioning;
– Diamonds with extremely fine granulation 2 to 4µm;
– Excellent viscosity, not undergoing alteration with heat;
– Easy Application / Direct Use;
– Easy removal after use.
What is the purpose of using the Universal Diamond paste for polishing a restoration?
The Diamond Universal paste provides a smooth polished surface, decreasing the adhesion of bacterial plaque and the risk of staining.
What is the size of the particle diamond that has the Diamond Paste?
  1. With the help of sanding discs or medium-grain paste, prepare the region to be polished, letting it be smooth and in the desired format.
  2. After the end of the previous procedures, place a small amount of the paste on a felt disc, or if preferred, directly on the tooth or restoring material and start polishing.
  3. If you have not obtained the desired result, repeat the procedure.

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