Denu TemTooth HDI
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Denu TemTooth HDI

Rp 550.000

DENU TemTooth – Light Cure Material For Fabrication Temporary Tooth (Crown) 13gr x 5 Syringe Shade A2
Denu TemTooth comes to disengage you from the past, as a new generation material there will be no need for secondary activities or any additional materials.
Denu TemTooth is exceptional in every way, with great aesthetic results it can protect the prepared area and be used as a traditional crown until the permanent crown or bridge is applied.
With the TemTooth you will lay the foundation and it will serve you as a blueprint for the final creating a successful permanent restoration.
  • Fast fabrication within 3 minutes, light-cured.
  • Easy to work, great consistency for easy handling and clean up, no waste of material.
  • Very strong and durable.
  • Saves chair time both for you and your patient.
  • Improved flexural strength.
  • Assists in maintaining gingival health protect the tooth against caries avoid irritation of a pulp, biocompatible and protective to sensitive tissues.
  • Can be trimmed and polished for superb results
  • Easily repaired with light cure restorative materials
  • Bonds to itself 
  • Proper margins and occlusion are maintained with a minimal shrinkage and a great dimensional stability.
  • Perfect for long-term temporary teeth production.
Instructions for use:
1. Prepare the model
2. Apply a separating agent (vaseline) on a model
3. Extrude a necessary amount of DENU TemTooth and shape it by hand
4. Light-cure the material evenly for 20-30 seconds and leave it for 30 seconds after light-cured.
5. Separate the temporary tooth when it becomes hard.
6. Trim the unnecessary parts of the separated temporary tooth and polish the ready crown. A varnish material and a flow composite can be applied to a final stage to give you more aesthetic results and additional protection.

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