Chlorhexidine Gel 2% Maquira (Beli 2 hemat 20rb)

Chlorhexidine Gel 2% Maquira (Beli 2 hemat 20rb)

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Chlorhexidine Gel 2% 3gr/syr

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The CLORHEXIDINA GEL 2% is an antiseptic with antibacterial activity with effectiveness for Gram-positive and gram-negative (including Pseudomonas), fungi, yeasts and some dermatophytes. Its viscosity allows that the product does not run during application, remaining inside the dental cavity.
– Its viscosity prevents the product flowing at the time of application, remaining inside the dental cavity;
– For better disinfection of cavity preparations, preparations on crowns, and inlays;
– Easy application / ready for use;
– Improved view of the residues;
– Strong anti-bacterial actions for cavity.
The material can be applied directly with the tip directly to the patient?

One can not be used the tips for applying the product directly on the patient expected to put the material into another reservoir and make the application with sterile instrument.

  1. Fill the entire canal with the gel at 2% and instrument according to the need.
  2. Remove the excess and dry the cavity with a jet of air.

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1, 2 Hemat 20rb

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