Ceramic Repair N System Kit Ivoclar Vivadent

Ceramic Repair N System Kit Ivoclar Vivadent

Rp 3.665.000 Rp 3.159.000


Ceramic Repair N System Kit

An exclusive assistant for ceramic repairs

This comprehensive system comprises the necessary bonding and veneering materials.
The set contains only light-curing single-component materials and therefore eliminates certain tasks such as mixing.
The entire set is ergonomically arranged and enables you to work from left to right. The flowchart can be attached to the package.
Due to its outstanding high bonding values, this system is a reliable assistant in inconvenient situations.

Monopaque, a light-curing single-component opaquer with outstanding masking capabilities, is an integral part of this system. Monopaque is available in three shades.

All the components are available separately

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