APPLICATOR for MTA+ Cerkamed

APPLICATOR for MTA+ Cerkamed

Rp 1.500.000


Reusable dental tools for handling and application of prepared measure of MTA+ material.

The tools are made of  corrosive – resistant stainless steel.


Instructions for use:

In order to use the product, insert the piston into the corresponding handle, then  pull back the piston about 1 cm.
Put the previously prepared MTA+ material  on the glass plate and thrust the  measurement of the preparation into the carrier tip.

Place the tip of the applicator directly into the  area intended, and then press the plunger to  apply the material.



After use, any residue of material should be removed from the device and it should then be rinsed with water to ensure it is completely clear of any cement to prevent hardened, encased cement developing.

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