APPLIC LC Tambalan Sementara Maquira ( Beli 2 Hemat 70rb)

APPLIC LC Tambalan Sementara Maquira ( Beli 2 Hemat 70rb)

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APPLIC Light Curing Temporary Filing is a photopolymerizable temporary restorative and its function is to seal the pulpal cavity, preventing microleakage and the output of intracanal medicines, ensuring the endodontic treatment success. It is a product composed of photopolymerizable resins, easy to apply and remove, since it is ready for use. Its formulation is eugenol free, being compatible with composite resin restorations.

– Syringe with differentiated design (hexagonal for the material better handling);
– Contains Nanoparticles;
– Photopolymerization time: 40 seconds.
– Prevents microinfiltration and loss of intracanal medicaments;
– Easy to work and apply with instruments;
– Easy to remove with curette;
– Syringe with a unique design (hex for better handling of the material);
– Photopolymerization time of 40 seconds;
– Available in colors: A2It can be used in five procedures:
– Dentistry: Used in temporary restoration and fabrication of occlusal matrix;
– Endodontics: Used in the cavity sealing;
– Dental prosthesis: Used in prosthetic preparation sealing;
– Implant dentistry: Used in temporary or permanent sealing of screws on implants;
– Orthodontics: Used in the brackets and wires protection.

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1 syringe, 2 syringes hemat 70rb

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