Compoglass Flow Ivoclar Vivadent

Compoglass Flow Ivoclar Vivadent

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Compoglass Flow


Compoglass Flow is the flowable version of Compoglass F. This compomer-based light-curing material releases a high level of fluoride from three independent sources and, as a result, considerably reduces the risk of secondary caries formation.

Compoglass Flow combines the advantages of glass ionomers and composites in one material with its special chemical composition of a polymer matrix and fillers.

Compoglass Flow offers a new type of flowable consistency that is specially designed for the requirements and indications associated with compomers. The material is directly injected into the cavity. Compoglass Flow automatically adapts itself to the cavity margins because of its flowable consistency.

Compoglass Flow is recommended for areas where caries and secondary caries are likely to develop: deciduous teeth and cervical defects.

Compoglass Flow is available in Cavifils in 2 shades.


  • Ease of handling
  • High fluoride release
  • Reliable self-adaptation
  • No material flowing away
  • No trapping of air
  • Excellent marginal seal
  • Accurate direct application technique


  • Cervical restorations
  • As the first increment in large posterior restorations


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Compoglass Flow Refill 20×0,25g 140/A2, Compoglass Flow Refill 20×0,25g 210/A3

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